Breanni McDuffey Poems

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~♥ What Deos Your Heart Desire~♥

Have you ever asked your self

what your heart desires instead

What Are You Without One Another

what is minnie without mickey

what is tigger without pooh

~&Hearts; Loving Memories~&Hearts;

loving memories are not
just memories they are
something you hold onto

My Deepest Fear

My deepest fear is not that i am fighting
feelings that are outrageous

My deepest fear is not the life i live that

The Last Child

The last child standing alone away from home for miles
The grace of god and tears shed-ed by the parents that have a love to share

Silence Of The Truth

Many places, many people, many unseen discoveries,
the dedication of strongly minded human beings in

Rising Awareness

The awareness of knowing you are aware of something
the sensational thought of awareness surrounding you

This Love

Truly blessed beyond measurements to have you
I know some people say true love you will never have
but in this case true love is in the midst of you hand
as there are those people who don't want you to have this love

Caught Up In Lies

Fabrication Of Success

With time comes a past with pain

The lust and wealth those in poverty tend to gain

Error Success