Brenda Hillman

(1951 / Arizona / United States)

Brenda Hillman Poems

1. Girl Sleuth 12/6/2017
2. Glacial Erratics 12/6/2017
3. Mighty Forms 12/6/2017
4. Partita for Sparrows 12/6/2017
5. Recycling Center 12/6/2017
6. Saguaro 12/6/2017
7. Several Errands 12/6/2017
8. Statueless Architecture 12/6/2017
9. Summer Garden 12/6/2017
10. Time Problem 12/6/2017
11. Trois Morceaux en Forme de Poire 12/6/2017
12. Walking the Dunes 12/6/2017
13. Poem for a National Seashore 12/6/2017
14. Some Kinds of Forever Visit You 12/6/2017
15. Species Prepare to Exist After Money 12/6/2017
16. The Bride Tree Can't Be Read 12/6/2017
17. The Eighties 12/6/2017
18. The Hour Until We See You 12/6/2017
19. String Theory Sutra 12/6/2017
20. Little Furnace 8/18/2015
21. Sediments of Santa Monica 12/6/2017
22. Wood's Edge 12/6/2017
23. THE ELEMENTS ARE MIXED IN childhood 12/6/2017
24. Describing Tattoos to a Cop 12/5/2017
25. Franciscan Complex 12/6/2017
26. Air In The Epic 12/6/2017
27. December Moon 12/6/2017
28. Holding On 12/6/2017
29. Autumn Ritual with Hate Turned Sideways 12/6/2017
30. Food 1/7/2015

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Best Poem of Brenda Hillman


In a side booth at MacDonald's before your music class
you go up and down in your seat like an arpeggio
under the poster of the talking hamburger:
two white eyes rolling around in the top bun, the thin
patty of beef imitating the tongue of its animal nature.
You eat merrily. I watch the Oakland mommies,
trying to understand what it means to be "single."


Across from us, females of all ages surround the birthday girl.
Her pale lace and insufficient being
can't keep them out of her circle.
Stripes of yellow and brown all over the place.
The ...

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Little Furnace

—Once more the poem woke me up,
the dark poem. I was ready for it;
he was sleeping,

and across the cabin, the small furnace
lit and re-lit itself—the flame a yellow
"tongue" again, the metal benignly
hard again;

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