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Clean Break

So this is how you want it, there is how things need to be
You want to run from memories but that's not fine with me
You love to play the victim and you justify your cause
So everyone around your sits and points out all my flaws
I only wanted closure, I wanted one more night
So we could be together like we were before this fight
You block me from all contact and pretend I don't exist
I do not want to bother you, I just want one more kiss
If only we could be with one another one last time
I'd put the past behind me and forget that you were mine
But that is all a dream of mine I know will not come true
You'll never have me back again, and I won't bother you
And if one day you realize that you made a big mistake
Remember that you cut me off, you wanted a clean break

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Brian Hanshaw Popularity

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