Brian Sage Finch Poems

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I love thee...
Let me count the ways I love Lizzie
I love thee...
I love Lizzie for the strength she demonstrates to me

"Zoltar............Ruler Of Society"

Zoltar is king hear him roar ROAR! ROAR ZOLTAR, ROAR I SAY! He is the underlord from the other side
The other side?? YES! YES, I SAY!
My other side.....he is the divine darklight
that all vile human beings seek..........he is the almighty


The light is down the road, far down the road...but it grows closer everyday.
It is the light of peace, and is bright as is beautiful and peaceful. But I am not in that light, as desired by all..and accomplished by few
I'm stuck, stuck in my darkness....and I'm fed up with my darkness. My darkness is a small treasure to some, but in all of my few years of being =
I'm not a wise enough man to love my small