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1. Hard Times 10/28/2009
2. Work Hard Not Easy 10/28/2009
3. Karma 10/28/2009
4. Complain 10/30/2009
5. The Small Things 10/30/2009
6. They Say 10/30/2009
7. Secret Love 10/30/2009
8. Southern Breeze 10/30/2009
9. Its About That Time 10/30/2009
10. Second Chances 11/1/2009
11. Thanksgiving 11/25/2009
12. Oh So Shy 10/30/2009
13. Keep Faith 10/30/2009
14. Last Time 10/30/2009
15. Over And Over 11/1/2009
16. Dangerous Love 11/1/2009
17. Be Yourself 10/30/2009
18. High School Sweethearts 10/30/2009
19. Left Out 10/30/2009

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Left Out

always gettng rejected
never get respected
people always looking down on me
is it because of my low self esteem
always walking with my head down
don't ever smile
cause i don't feel a reason to
always saying things
to put me down
just know what goes around
comes around
and when it do hit
its go hit twice as hard
ever think
i dont feel like given up
on stuff
bad enough i feel isolated
you dont know what its like
i feel no one cares
do you ever think
im tired of being left out
tired of being in doubt
im not just a geek
but im ...

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Hard Times

We always say what we'll never do
till that situation comes apon you
then your left with no chance
of getting out of it
They always said never
say never
because it just might be you
that has to go through it
and when it you

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