_Bright Koketso Poems

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You're 🌼

You're my essence
The blood in my vains
You wear your scars like sense
They're deep stains

God's Plan For You

When God has a plan for you
God loves you and adores you
We are protected by the blood of jesus
And reminded he will never leave us

Time In God's Garden

Time is perfect it can never lie
Feel it hear it march on by
Steady rhythm sets the pace
Track it count it gives no grace

My Mistress's Facade(Sonnet #2)

She paints on a face
She paints on a face again
She feels out of place
Even though her face is rather plain

Her Smile

Her smile is worth a lifetime to see
Even if its not cause of me
Her smile fills you with ambition
Her smile gives her recognition

Soul Me...

SOUL me...*

In the morning I wake up with delight
Content for a new day that's not stolen but light

Dandelion Fields

Dandelions growing in my
They have not been blown away
With thee I feel blessed


A poem in my breath
Held dearly in my heart
In your poetry I find my seat
Your features so poetic bliss

Pen Of Love!

As I sit here and pen this poetic missive
I find myself longing for your presence more than ever
Although physically separated by distance we endure massive
I can't help but reflect on the elegant moments we've shared together


Her beauty is one of the verbs
Molded with no need of herbs
Both verbs stand in agreement
Herself is understanding

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