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Bron Dayvid Poems

1. Time 2/19/2010
2. From Me 2 Youth 2/19/2010
3. Lone Lyricist 3/20/2010
4. The Inevitable 4/9/2010
5. Effortless 4/18/2010
6. Tragic 6/9/2010
7. Higher Meaning 6/9/2010
8. Lost 6/9/2010
9. The Abnormal Observer 2/22/2010
10. Inner Fear 2/25/2010
11. Delightful Torture 6/9/2010
12. The Blackness 6/9/2010
13. Sick 6/9/2010
14. The Myth Of A Poet 6/9/2010
15. All I Need 6/9/2010
16. How A Poet Loves Part 3 (The Cheat) 8/11/2010
17. How A Poet Loves Part 4 (The Secret) 8/11/2010
18. How A Poet Loves Part 5 (The Breakup) 8/11/2010
19. How A Poet Loves Part 6 (The Memory) 8/11/2010
20. How A Poet Loves Part 7 (The Unexpected) 8/19/2010
21. How A Poet Loves Part 8 (The Panic) 8/19/2010
22. How A Poet Loves Part 9 (The Apology) 8/19/2010
23. How A Poet Loves Part10 (The Birthday) Finale 1/26/2011
24. H.I.G.H. S.C.H.O.O.L.S. 1/26/2011
25. Warriors 1/26/2011
26. Ignore Intelligence Invite The Ignorance 1/26/2011
27. How A Poet Loves (Conclusion) 1/26/2011
28. Tardy Again 1/26/2011
29. Thoughts 1/26/2011
30. The Silent Genius 1/26/2011
31. How A Poet Lives Part 1 (Good Morning) 1/29/2011
32. Why Just A Month 2/1/2011
33. And The Little Girl Said… 2/2/2011
34. Where Is My Rose 2/24/2011
35. We The Africans Of America 4/9/2011
36. Death Of A Poet 4/11/2011
37. How A Poet Lives Part 2 (The Manipulator) 4/17/2011
38. How A Poet Lives Part 3 (The Horror) Haiku 4/17/2011
39. How A Poet Lives Part 4 (Depression, Fear, & Hate) 4/19/2011
40. Solitaire 6/20/2011

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A Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Should I die b 4 I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

No wait I prey the lord my soul to roam
So my words will continue to b heard through each home
So I can bring peace, love, and joy after I’m gone
I feel it’s my destiny lord correct me if I’m wrong
Maybe I misconstrued with my vague attitude
But I’m certain of my fate this is what I want to do
This is what I wish to be
To cure the world of misery
Hear my voice lord as I beg and plea
I’m a free spirit let my spirit forever b free
I ...

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The Abnormal Observer

It’s so cliché to say I’m like a needle in a hay stack
Step in front of the group and shine or just fall back fade out of the picturing like I’m

My ears take in the sound but my minds not hearing I guess it’s because I’m in my own world Way out in space I can stare deep into your eyes but I ain’t seeing your


I see deeper pass your exterior to your mind pass your mind to your heart and pass

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