Bijay Kant Dubey Brother Poems

Mother's love,
Father's, love,
Sister's love,
Brother's love,

A small sister waiting,
Waiting for the brother to come home
And to tie a colourful wrist band
On the hand of the brother,

Love and its colours,
Love of the mother, love of the sister, love of the brother,
Love of the son and the daughter,
Sometimes wets it

I learnt the history
Of the USA
From my eldest brother
And of the USSR

I Too Had My Youngest Brother

I too had my youngest brother
Whom I do not see it now,
Where has he gone away,
Can you say it?

A Poetical File (In The Memory Of My Youngest Brother)

A Poetical File
(In The Memory of My Youngest Brother)

Mother's Love, Sister's Love And Brother's Love...

Mother's love,
Sister's love,
Brother's love
Remember I, remember I

Mother's Love, Sisiter's Love And Brother's Love...

Mother's love,
Sister's love,
Brother's love
Remember I, remember I

On Bhai-Phonta. Feel You At Least, Brother, For Your Sister

On Bhai-Phonta, feel you at least,
For your sister,
O brother,
Your sister your own,


A sandalwood rubbed, water-soaked paste
On the forehead of the brother
And sweets into the mouth
Of his

Brother, just said to you
By the way,
Just by the by,
Like I not

My Brother, My Love, Who Is Now Not

My brother,
How lonely have
I become
Losing you?

Koi kahata hai
Apnei aapko chowkidar
To koi havildar,
Bhaiyya, aap hi kahiyei,

Memories Of A Lost Brother

Fraught with childhood memories
I remember you from far
And now you are exhausted and gone away
From where nobody comes

Bhai Phota/ Brother's Spot On

Bhai Phonta,
Ek bahan ka pyar
Bhai ke liye
Aur wah pyar jo

Sometimes (Song For My Youngest Brother)

Hanging the head,
The head

I Wept (For My Youngest Brother)

I wept
And wept for you
And the teardrops,
Teardrops spilled

For My Brother Poems

My Love, Oh No, Oh No, Never, Never!

My love,

For My Youngest Brother

For My Youngest Brother

When you had been,
When you not,

Phir tumhari kahani yaad yaayin,
Phir tumhari
Yaad yaayin,

Tumhari yaad
Abhi bhi aati hai
Jisei bhula naa saka.

Now You Are No More (For My Eldest Brother)


Merei bhaiyya,
Rakhi bandhwa,
Bandhwa lo,
Merei bhaiyya!

O singer,
Do not, do not weep you,
I am, I am with you, with you, brother,

My sister, why are tears into the eyes of yours,
Has your brother forgotten you,
Lo, here lie I in your brother,
Extending the hand to you,

Bhai Phonta, Brother's Paste

on the eve of the Bhai Phonta,
O brother,
Wherever be you, your sister remembers you,
Feels sad,

My dear brother, you forget not this sister,
Sad for you today, on the eve of Raksha Bandhan
Even if you far away from her,
Wherever you are, she wishing you for to be happy

Meri pocket mein white money hain,
Hath dene she bhi koyi labh nahin, bhaiyya,
Black money jo nahin milega,
Mein Seth Kirorimal Jo nahin?

Bhaiyya, mera pants check mat karo,
Gudgudi yaati hain,
Mere pants haath mat do,
Kisi ke pants mein haath dena buri baat,

Had Amitabh's Brother Joined Bollywood

Had Amitabh Bacchan's brother
Ajitabh joined the film industry,
What would it have happened,
Say you?

Brother's Day/Inner Knocks

Brother's Day

A world with them,
A world without them,

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