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Come and see,
there are dimensions,
of nine, six and three,
concealed in me,

The unhappy loneliness does not torment me,
that comes and goes,
and insinuates itself everywhere,
but the self-induced withdrawal of the ego,

Lost are the days of the lovely blunder,
and the sarcasm ripples,
grinning creeping on the corners of memory,
damping the missing piece of you that emerges,

Without their knowledge
I observe the children of the earth,
probing every day in secret,
the human forgetfulness of wrongs,

Brunilda Ternova Biography

My name is Brunilda Ternova, a cultural mediator, freelance interpreter and translator (Albanian, Italian, English) . I have a rare - underestimated - disease called Ehlers and Danlos Syndrome that doesn't have a cure and is caused by a mutation of the various genes responsible for the synthesis, maturation and organization of the various collagens. I belong to the type of Classic Hypermobile - the one even more difficult to diagnose since the group of genes responsible are mostly unknown to scientists, and still under study. I am looking for medical organizations that can help me with research to find therapies for my disease with Stem Cell transplantation and to stop the progressiveness (also my vision is deteriorating progressively) . Together with other patients we need to create a private clinic that deals exclusively with Ehlers-Danlos patients, and to carry on medical-scientific research, since we need real treatments, therapies and real solutions to our condition, which it becomes incapacitating over the years.

Support us by bank transfer: IBAN: IT98F0760102400001022587784
Country Residence: ITA
On behalf of Brunilda Ternova.
Bank: Banco Posta spa (Italy)

I hope my voice can reach people, foundations and institutions that are able to help me in my project!

The Best Poem Of Brunilda Ternova

'My Name In A Language Of Stars' - By Brunilda Ternova

Come and see,
there are dimensions,
of nine, six and three,
concealed in me,
all immortals from antiquity.
Come and stay,
in the golden glory,
of shadow and absence,
of calm of the waters,
inside the dark temple.
Come life,
I will find the way,
to turn around your wheel,
in this eternal day,
of the human disgrace.
Come love,
that moves my sun and,
my other stars,
to honour ourselves, my name.

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