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1. Addiction Theory 11/12/2012
2. Diagnosis 11/12/2012
3. Sanatorium For War-Torn Hearts 11/13/2012
4. Blur 11/13/2012
5. Twilight Angel 11/12/2012
6. Brutal Saint 11/13/2012
7. Washed In Blood Of A Lamb 11/12/2012
8. Spirit Of Jesebel 11/13/2012
9. House Of Wax 11/14/2012
10. Dancing With Jesus 11/14/2012
11. Death Violins 11/13/2012
12. In Penury 11/14/2012
13. Footprint On Keke's Heart 11/15/2012
14. Behind The Dragon's Egg 11/17/2012
15. Furtherance To Inspiration 12/12/2012
16. Kissing A Dragon 11/12/2012

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Kissing A Dragon

The essense of love shoke my heart,
leaving its chambers slag,
hardly could i breathe.
The smell of your fragrance oozed and jumped into the firmament when i touched you,
hardly coul i leave.
I stood still cold like ama transform into ice crystals.
Looked up to take a kiss.
A kiss of a dragon with angelic wings and never roared.

You exhaled fishermen's hook,
caught me by my leg im hurling behind your words.
Swimming in the pool of alphabets,
like you verbally shot me with the black ink.
I can't think.
I'm blushing internally my heart is pink, ...

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Apogee distraction.
Pain holler refractions.
Opique image projection.
3rd-eye vesion completely blocked.

Memoirs and flash-backs clapsed me on throat.
With a practised eye i vitualised dark clouds top of ah' heads.
Vocalising thunder roared vibrating into my heart shaking it stiff.
Where did it all started?

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