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I have lived on the North Shore of Massachusetts all my life. I began writing poetry at around age 14. I hope to enhance people's perspectives through my poetry. My books are available through (search word: Bryan P.T. Riley) Through my writing, I am attempting to leave my mark on the world, however small that mark key be, and to leave something behind for future generations to enjoy.

Bryan Riley Poems

An Ending

The magic is gone
The song is done
I am as old as
the world is cold

Angel (Iii) : Fallen

Fallen angel at my feet
To what purpose have
you brought me here?
To look at this with


So what if the sky looks like
the ocean from here?
So what if I've never
been to New Orleans?

A Fleeting Encounter

And there she was: pretty,
pushing a baby in a
stroller. Sensible skirt,
blouse, sensible flats-

Excerpt From 'The Long Continuum'

Living in the halls of the dead;
mouth and eyes filling with sand-
Cries and pleas for help go unheard
as birds of night with razored talons

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