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What a pity,
Ugandans cry for corruption.
Everyday is corrupt,
Corruption! Corruption!

Now i can tell the story
of the world i came into;
A world of darkness,
A store of pain,

Here comes the pride, full of pride
All ye present turn your heads and behold
Her steps so firm, her will cofirm
That she has been and will always behold,

This death, this death,
oh! This death,
we move with it everywhere,
nowhere to hide.

What a bad life here on earth?
A life of problems and danger all the time.
What a bad life here on this planet? !

But life would be perfect if;

O my dear honey, my luv is the real true luv
I luv with all my heart and soul,
O, really I can't live in your absence,
O, my one and only I've never felt safe when u are with,

Every one tired with me
No one by my side
Concidered as crazy and stupid by everyone
concidered useless person on this earth

O lord my God! When i in awesome wonder
concider all the works thy hand has made
i see the stars, i hear the mighty thunder
thy power throught the urniverse displayed

Through i came into the world.
Crying with alot of fear,
u held me in your chest and i feld relief
oh! Mother you are my security

Oh our dear sister
you're so beautiful like the stars in the sky
your beauty has attracted all men
But only one man has won you

Oh! ! Education
women search for you
Men search for u
Children search for you

In life take time to;
work- it is the price of success.
Think-it is the source of power.
Pray-it is the greatest power on earth.

When we first met u asked me my name,
i told u my name and gave u even my adress.
I really gave u my everything.

To love is not to shout 'I LOVE YOU' all the times.
Real love starts with talking.
Real lovd is never forced.
Real love is given out voluteerily.

Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a joy, enjoy it.
Life is a sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a puzzle, solve it.

Corruption has ruined many
But has made a few prosper
while others wail in tears.

If you are not:
Food minded at the age of 10,
Smart at the age of 20,
Strong at the age of 30,

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Corruption! Corruption!

What a pity,
Ugandans cry for corruption.
Everyday is corrupt,
Corruption! Corruption!

Corruption! Corruption!
Ministers, farmers, doctors, teachers
All corrupt
Oh God hear our cry!
In this country everybody is corrupt!
Oh God shall we see the next day?
Corruption! Corruption!

Everyday is tired,
Everyone is crying,
People are dying because of corruption!
Sleepless nights fall of corrupt people,
Greedy for money,
Oh corruption! corruption!
Oh God rescue our country UGANDA.

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