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Caleb Ampadu Poems

1. Thoughts 1/20/2013
2. Clouds And Cigarettes 1/20/2013
3. Acid Washed Stars 1/20/2013
4. Facade 1/20/2013
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I hide behind this mask

I call my facade.

It's showing people the

Happy side of me, but I'm not.

Problems hidden and kept

Inside of me like it's in a cave.

Soon enough it's like a monster,

Inside it's cave about to go

Berserk because it has had enough with darkness

And has put up with every ounce

Of problem with it's life.

It's either it will decide to kill

Itself or to dwell with it's problem

Like a real man it is.

Hiding behind this shield

Of illusion is a boy loving

and caring ...

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