Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones Poems

1. The Angel's Guitar 3/4/2011
2. Transformations 3/4/2011
3. Our Song 3/4/2011
4. I Am 3/4/2011
5. Friendship 3/4/2011
6. All For The Best 3/4/2011
7. Writing For You 3/4/2011
8. Dreaming 3/4/2011
9. Rain 3/4/2011
10. My Vision 3/4/2011
11. Never 1/10/2012
12. I Miss You 1/10/2012
13. I Believe 1/10/2012
14. Do You Believe 1/10/2012
15. Redemption 1/10/2012
16. One Giant Leap 1/10/2012
17. Thanks For The Peace 3/4/2011
18. Escape 3/4/2011
19. The Question 1/10/2012
20. Back To Back 1/10/2012
21. Life- A Beautiful Thing 3/4/2011
22. He Embraced Death 3/4/2011
23. That Is God 3/4/2011
24. In The Sky... 3/4/2011
25. Plenty Of Fish In The Sea 3/4/2011
26. I Can Relate 1/10/2012
27. Keep Your Head Up 1/10/2012
28. A Soldier- Dedicated To Nicholas Shelton 3/4/2011
29. Life 3/4/2011
30. When I Became A Man 1/10/2012
Best Poem of Caleb Jones

When I Became A Man

When I became a man
I put away childish things
But before I became a man
I didn’t always fit the shoes of a King
I was a child trying to find his way
The toys I played with kept my eyes occupied
And left my eyes in a lustful boyish frenzy
My playmates had long legs, short skirts and soft skin
They cared enough to lie down and wallow with me often
Jezebel turned out to be my very best friend
I’d look in her eyes before ever seeing the sunrise
Every time I paid her a visit and slept in

Before I became a man
I saw how God made Adam from dust
So ...

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Thanks For The Peace

A million and one thoughts took me to my bed,
They wouldn't let me sleep at night,
Everyday I wanted them out of my head,
It's amazing to think,
What a little prayer can do,
I'm finally at peace,
No civil war inside me too,
I can finally breathe,
I'm suddenly alive,

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