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Spring Seems to come over night,
Bringing beauty with all its might.

The sun shines down all around.

You say I let you down
But you don't know how great I feel
I finally did what I wanted
And it made me realize something

There was once a girl with glasses
In her hair she had some molasses
She sat on a pot
And gave her hair some thought

I'm living in a dream world
One where nothing bad ever happens
And everyone is happy all the time

Please do not ask.
Do not make it your task,
to find me,
to find all you can see.


I made my choice
And it was wrong
I know that
So why don't you just leave me to be

'Neigh, '
Goes the horse or a sunny day
'Neigh, '
Goes the horse when the rain sends the sun away

New friend
Where are you
I keep looking for you
But I find no one

Teardrops falling from the sky
And I don't know why
'Cause I'm not sad
And I'm not mad

Happy birthday to YOU
I give all of my love to YOU
With many wishes for YOU
I hope happiness finds YOU

A dog trots merrily on the road
Here is gun fire all around
But the dog doesn't care
There is a bone at the end of the road

That's what I need to do

Pitter patter
Hear the
Clitter clatter
Of raindrops

When I look back these days I think
'Was I blind? ' or 'How could I not see you were already hurting me? '

But I didn't see

Such loss is the memory
That can not hold but a small part of our lives
So many good things go
No matter how much you try to convince them to stay

I see a bird flying past me
It is flying south
I wonder why it is alone

I'm sorry
I'm sorry of all those long lost days that can never be
I'm sorry I ruined the feeling in us
I'm sorry that I hurt you when you gave me all your trust

Mutter mutter
Putter putter
Goes the crazy old lady

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Gifts Of Spring

Spring Seems to come over night,
Bringing beauty with all its might.

The sun shines down all around.
It makes spring colors come to life.
Without the sun...spring would be no fun.

You can hear the tulips humming in your ear,
As they kick their growing into second gear.

You can feel the water drizzling down from the deep blue sky,
As you watch the robins fly oh so high.

Fireflies buzz on by,
As they light up the midnight sky

The wind fills the air with murmurs,
That sound like little drummers.

All of these together mean spring
'Spring...spring, ' they all sing.

And when the spread the news,
There will be the most amazing views.

And then the flowers begin to wilt.
The start to turn, twist, and tilt.

Sadly, spring comes to an end,
But don't worry...summer is just around the bend.

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Candace Johnson Popularity

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