candice freeman

Rookie (june 18 1996 / trinidad)

candice freeman Poems

1. Us 9/25/2011
2. Wishing Star 9/25/2011
3. Lots Of Love 10/1/2011
4. My Feelings For Johan 10/9/2011
5. Sorry 10/9/2011
6. Painfull Love 10/10/2011
7. My Love For You Will Never Run Around 10/11/2011
8. Each Others Side 10/13/2011
9. What I Love About You 10/13/2011
10. Feeling Lonely 10/13/2011
11. Some Memories 10/14/2011
12. Why People Want To Die 11/27/2011
13. I Like To Think Of Us As Something Magical 11/27/2011
14. What Is Love 11/27/2011
15. Same In A Way 11/27/2011
16. I Lost 11/27/2011
17. Do You Ever Think Of Me 11/27/2011
18. Can'T Sleep At Night 11/27/2011
19. In A Relationship 12/2/2011
20. Stop Doing Wrong 12/2/2011
21. This Love 10/14/2011
22. Sorry Just Wouldn'T Do It 10/15/2011
23. Falling 10/15/2011
24. When You Say I'M You'Re Angel 10/15/2011
25. You'Re Hurting Me 10/15/2011
26. This Boy 4/2/2012
27. Love Affair 4/2/2012
28. Christina 4/2/2012
29. Listen My Children 4/2/2012
30. Who Am I 5/26/2012
31. Pick Up A Pencil 5/26/2012
32. Memories 10/9/2011
33. Lie 10/14/2011
34. I Love You 4/2/2012
35. Can'T Take It No More 10/13/2011
36. I'M Still In Love With You 10/15/2011
37. I Can'T Help 10/11/2011
38. Missing You Baby 10/9/2011
39. Guardian Angel 10/9/2011
40. Someone Who I Adore 12/27/2011
Best Poem of candice freeman

When You'Re Feeling Blue

when you're feeling blue
and there's no one for you to talk to
what do you do
do you just stay there and break down and cry
or just start getting high
you wonder what life has in store for you
because you haven't got a clue
but still when you're feeling blue
and there's no one for you to talk to
what do you do
do you screem and shout until someone hears you
or do you simply deal with it by cutting your hand
so what do you do when you're feeling blue
and there's no one for you to talk to

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My Feelings For Johan

sometimes i love you
sometimes i hate you
i don't really know why
but thats just how i feel sometimes
you often have me wondering if you're playing me
cause you're just to good to be true
i know i does keep my distance at times
cause you see i hate the fact you mean so much to me
i don't really let people get close to me

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