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I can't write poems
The way I used to...

So long ago,

Oranges, raspberries, strawberries and kiwis-
They are most wonderful fruits in the whole wide world!
One can delve into their flavor and fragrance
And become one with their taste!

I'm caught in the vice grip
Of a technological tsunami
Threatening to
Shatter my insights

She has the eyes of an angel—
They have the power to heal
With kindness radiating from them—
A reflection of the peace and harmony

'Poem Hunter'
Is run by a bunch of hypocrites
Who have preconceived notions
Of the world.

I'm the one who could never get to see you
As you were gone by the time I dragged my feet
To where you were.

Your kind words are like
Golden ripe oranges;
They will refresh my mind
And bring a smile to my face;

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Words (Or Verse)

I can't write poems
The way I used to...

So long ago,
It was an easy task,
With rhyming words
Arising like waves
(small waves) ,
But now..

I grope for a phrase
That rhymes;
Even free verse is hard
To pen...

But my thoughts
Run like wild horses,
And I keep on
Trying to harness them
Into words (or verse) ,
And the urge to create
Goes on and on and on.

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Cane Walker Popularity

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