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A Sketch.

My boss and colleagues speak
They are offered


Ambition to fly
But, not with the Birds' wings



Its surprise,
the sadness,

My mother -
Left me alone,
on the Earth, everyone's mother.
where is she? ?

While walking in life
You will find the lighted path
and the darkness,
In light, No problem

A disobedient
violent lion slept inside,
I told him to be there

I am at sea,
The night, it is deserted here,
The moon falls to
the surface of sea.

Lights are off
Sleeping alone in the cabin,
The bathroom door is opening and closing
with a crying sound,

I am at sea,
far from land.
But my mind sometimes
fly without wings

No one can feel your loneliness,
No one can feel your sadness,
No one can feel your emotion,
As deep as you can.


Pain and pleasure sleep together
in a lonely dark cabin.
After a day's work
many puzzles, so tied.


No flowers, No trees,
No mountain, No valleys,
still her beauties


At a certain age,
Man wants to burn in a flame.
Firemen do not extinguish the fire
but be fuel for the fire.

Tyrants are everywhere
Among us,
They become cruel and more,
behind the wall in darkness.

No more age to listen
The guilt of this,
The guilt of that,
Still, some of my friends speak.


I am the flower,
a small one,
with a little name,
little fame,


Keep everything
within the length,
The relationship,
the talk,

If a long wire parts,
at the end,
The ends away
very far and years,

The sky is overcast and shy,
with the clouds.
Wave and crest at the sea surface
in a race,


The fighter inside
declares war on their war,
I told him many times
Keep away far from war,

Capt. Manas Kumar Das Biography

Capt. Manas Kumar Das, a free verse poet, is a Master Mariner from Odisha and has shown profound love for literature from a very young age. Short stories and poems, that reflect life, have been written by him even during his school years. His literary works are in English and Odia Languages. More than just a mariner, he has loved literature all his life. On his numerous voyages through the oceans of poetry, his heart steers the helm that takes him on numerous joy rides that he pens down at regular intervals His passion lies in writing about the sea, his past encounters, family, and land. His works are traced with feelings of loneliness and longing for his motherland and family, which takes the reader, especially us, the fellow mariners, on the ride of our life. A member of the Rotary Club, and a literature enthusiast, he loves traveling and holding discussions with like-minded authors and poets. His work includes two published collections of Odia Poems (JETEDINA PARUTHIBI & SAKALA AGARU) , and numerous poems published in Magazines and newspapers. Currently, his works are available for public view on the platform Poemhunter, which is a great platform for poets and their works. His life is complete with an adorable family and numerous books filled with spontaneous poems and one-liners. As someone told me a long time back, " Life is a joy, you just have to find it in you! " Do read the poems and revert with comments.)

The Best Poem Of Capt. Manas Kumar Das

A Sketch.

A Sketch.

My boss and colleagues speak
They are offered
Gift, Money, and many more
My Inner man smiles
with cry,
No sound!
completely full of tears.
I stand
Dressed as a boss-
In front of our bathroom mirror,
The man in the mirror
A pencil sketch
Drawn with a dry tear,
Looks like a beggar.


Capt. Manas Kumar Das Comments

Capt. Manas Kumar Das Quotes

someone will receive your suggestion if it's favorable to him. No matter how correct and useful.

If the poems come from the heart, they will enter the heart.

Captain- Thought to the love and eyes to foremast.

Love- a deep wound, no one wants relief from wounded pain.

Love- We found in each other's eyes, never express in poems.

I love free birds, not the caged one.

Nothing is simple and nothing is hard, once you learned.

What matters most is how well you can swim in adverse conditions.

some reality in real, which I never dreamed that's miracle.

you will be trusted if you trust yourself and be honest.

At Deep Ocean, I found the depth of my loneliness.

I want to see only her (she) and the sea.

My father is only six feet tall, but the tallest tree in this world for me.

I used my pen to write my pain.

you have to die many times, to form a beautiful desired life.

Nothing is beautiful, Nothing is ugly. If you need that.

poems' nest is only the heart.

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