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At times it may seem
That living life is to hard,
Mybody cries and screams
And my trust has been scarred

Am I insane
When I contemplate suicide?
It helps take my mind off the pain
So what if I wanna die?

As I sit and stare at my wall,
I begin to recall,
The day that it all happened,
The day that she decided her life to end

I let myself live a lie,
I think as I let myself make me die,
I see the blade in my skin,
And I see the blood flow down agian,

I like clouds, clouds are fluffy
I like clouds that are white and puffy
I like the sunshiney sun
I like everything and I like everyone

Surrounded by fog, drowning in tears,
Why now after all these years,
Are you knocking on my door?
I have enough pain, why would I want more?

I have a wall to keep you out
I'm sick of hearing you scream and shout
Im my wall so strong
Im all alone and nothing could go wrong

Feel happy and giddy everyday
That was what they told me,
That was what they would say,
But life isnt that way,

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My came is Cara, I have been writing poetry since I was like 9. Poetry is an easy outlet for me, and I would definetely suggest writing to help with peoples emotions. Now although my poems are true, they are just poems, and therefore I would not act upon some of the things I write in there. And I don't feel like what my poems suggest all the times, only sometimes, so please be careful and don't start thinking things about me just because of my poems. Well if you get the chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you would read my poetry, post a comment too, if you would like. and please read my poem titled, ~Advice~ it is a good poem to read and think about. thanks again for reading my poems, if you have, Luv ya, Cara)

The Best Poem Of Cara Green

~you'Re Dead Because Of Me~

At times it may seem
That living life is to hard,
Mybody cries and screams
And my trust has been scarred
I'm sick of living but what else can I do
Perhaps suicide?
Everything would be better if I died
But what if I died where would I go?
Would I finally see you?
After all these years,
Through all my tears,
Would I finally be with you?

I saw you going under, I saw your hand,
I saw you reach for me, but I didnt understand
I didnt understand, but now I do,
You were reaching for me,
To help you onto safety,
At the time i didn't see,
And now you're gone, because I didn't help you,
You're dead because of what I didn't do

It's because of me,
That you died,
Because of me that you commited suicide,
ALL MY FAULT! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Cara Green Popularity

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