Carla Kitts

Rookie (April,5th 1996 / Pasco, Washington)

Carla Kitts Poems

1. Another Love Poem 9/9/2012
2. She Sounds Perfect 9/9/2012
3. Help Me 9/9/2012
4. Fallen Angel's Song 9/12/2012
5. Another Blue Christmas 11/24/2012
6. She Took You Away 12/12/2012
7. Her Life Without You 12/13/2012
8. Another Dead, Another Gone 12/13/2012
9. She's My Friend 12/14/2012
10. I Don'T Understand 12/14/2012
11. Fight Night 12/14/2012
12. Addictions 1/9/2013
13. I'M Missing You 1/9/2013
14. Sweet Love 9/21/2012
15. Your My Reason 9/23/2012
16. Why? 9/23/2012
17. Walk Away 10/8/2012
18. I Don'T Want You 1/11/2013
19. Granted 1/14/2013
20. What If? 1/16/2013
21. Tammi And Billy 1/16/2013
22. Burning Alive 1/11/2013
23. To Be The One Meant For You 9/12/2012
24. This Isn'T How The Story Is Supposed To Go 9/9/2012
25. What If 9/9/2012
26. I Don'T Want To Hurt You 9/9/2012
27. Not Knowing What To Say 9/9/2012
28. Seamstress 11/24/2012
29. Tennis Ball 10/8/2012
30. Forever And A Day I'Ll Wait 9/9/2012
31. Lonely Girl 9/12/2012
Best Poem of Carla Kitts

Lonely Girl

lonely girl why do you cry?
lonely girl why do you sit when you can fly?
lonely girl all I ask is that you try

lonely girl please don't be sad
things really are not that bad
lonely girl, for you have so many things for which to be glad

lonely girl with the lonely heart
don't sit down on the cold hard ground as your world falls apart
for you must do your part

lonely girl with the lonely smile
a smile I haven't seen in awhile
lonely girl you sure do have your own style

lonely girl don't you know I believe in you?
so don't be blue
for ...

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I Don'T Want To Hurt You

you said you will never leave, but what if I did something that not even you could forgive?
what if I made a mistake
that would make your heart break?
some one tell me
how do I explain to him my worry
I love him madly
but so scared of hurting him badly
I'm a born to screw up and make a thousand mistakes
to not break your heart I'll do whatever it takes

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