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Ugly Beauty

Three big buzzards top the barn
..a break from acrobatics.
Once swept aloft, their wings a sail,
black feathers stretch out tautly. A sign of Spring, the buzzards are.

Spring Again

Silvery strands of billowing lace
Bedecking a tree’s barren branches,
Beckoning all winter-weary souls on
In witness of Spring’s yearly promise. The maple, festooned liked a blossoming bride,

Worldly Things

Don’t get wrapped up in worldly things
Such things are transitory
In Heaven, where our Father lives
Are truly all life’s glories. Though bodies die, our spirits live.

End Times

Look there! O, Lord, Thy work I see,
My Master, Great Creator.
Sunlight skipping ‘cross the creek,
Soft mosses still the forest,

Taking Flight

O’ Wing’ed ones
How free are thee
Soaring ever higher
Alert black beads glint in the sun

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