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A Walk In The Night

Dusk came calling and calling unto me.But i too blind and engrossed by the joys of dawn.Fail to see that twilight has deadly thoughts towards me
And so hideous are they its thought that i fall deep.

Rollin' above my heads were its fangs

I'M A Plague

Am like a plague not meant to look upon.
Am like a son castout with scorn.
Am like a house built on sand and swept away by the flood.
Am like a shaft blown away by the wind.

For All Of Them

It has been a pleasure all this while.
All the fun and play under shades.
The wee moments of happiness and sorrow,
All together was a pleasure never to forget.


She sits in the far corner of the class
Wearing an adorably sad pair of glass
And sucking her lips like a bride denied a newly weds kiss.
With a constant companion stucked in her ears, She's long forgotten by the world And her soul swims the oceans and rivers of the lagoon not far off.