Carolina Oliphant

(1766-1845 / Scotland)

Carolina Oliphant Poems

1. Dunottar Castle 9/15/2010
2. Fareweel, Edinburgh 9/15/2010
3. Fareweel, O Fareweel 9/15/2010
4. Fell He On The Field Of Fame 9/15/2010
5. Gathering Song 9/15/2010
6. Gude Nicht, And Joy Be Wi' Ye A' 9/15/2010
7. Her Home She Is Leaving 9/15/2010
8. Here's To Them That Are Gane 9/15/2010
9. He's Lifeless Amang The Rude Billows 9/15/2010
10. He's Owre The Hills That I Lo'E Weel 9/15/2010
11. Hey The Rantin' Murray's Ha' 9/15/2010
12. Huntingtower 9/15/2010
13. Jamie The Laird 9/15/2010
14. Jeanie Deans 9/15/2010
15. John Tod 9/15/2010
16. Joy Of My Earliest Days 9/15/2010
17. Kind Robin Lo'Es Me 9/15/2010
18. Lament Of The Covenanter's Widow 9/15/2010
19. Lay Bye Yere Bawbee 9/15/2010
20. My Ain Kind Dearie, O 9/15/2010
21. My Bonnie Hieland Laddie 9/15/2010
22. O Mountain Wild 9/15/2010
23. O Stately Stood The Baron's Ha' 9/15/2010
24. O, Weel's Me On My Ain Man 9/15/2010
25. O, Wha Is This Comin'? 9/15/2010
26. Rest Is Not Here 9/15/2010
27. Saw Ye Nae My Peggy? 9/15/2010
28. Saw Ye Ne'Er A Lanely Lassie? 9/15/2010
29. Songs Of My Native Land 9/15/2010
30. Tammy 9/15/2010
31. The Attainted Scottish Nobles 9/15/2010
32. The Auld House 9/15/2010
33. The Banks Of The Earn 9/15/2010
34. The Bonniest Lass In A' The Warld 9/15/2010
35. The Convict's Farewell 9/15/2010
36. The County Meeting 9/15/2010
37. A Heavenly Muse 9/15/2010
38. Adieu To Strathearn 9/15/2010
39. Ah, Little Did My Mother Think 9/15/2010
40. Bess Is Young, And Bess Is Fair 9/15/2010
Best Poem of Carolina Oliphant

The Rowan Tree

Oh! Rowan Tree, Oh! Rowan Tree, thou'lt aye be dear to me,
Intwin'd thou art wi' mony ties o' hame and infancy.
Thy leaves were aye the first o' spring, thy flow'rs the simmer's pride;
There was nae sic a bonny tree, in a' the countrie side.
Oh! Rowan Tree.

How fair wert thou in simmer time, wi' a' thy clusters white,
How rich and gay thy autumn dress, wi' berries red and bright!
On thy fair stem were mony names, which now nae mair I see,
But they're engraven on my heart - forgot they ne'er can be!
Oh! Rowan Tree.

We sat aneath thy spreading shade, the ...

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Bonny Gascon Ha'

Gaelic Air

Lane, on the winding Earn, there stands
An unco tow'r, sae stern an' auld,
Biggit by lang forgotten hands,-
Aince refuge o' the Wallace bauld.

Time's restless finger sair hath waur'd,

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