Carolyn Daste Hurtado Poems

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Heaven's Little Angels

Through the innocence of children at play. . .
Smile down heaven's little angels to show them the way.
Watching and caring for them from above,
Always keeping them in God's love. Every little whisper, every little tip tap toe,

God Is Watching Us

God is watching us in everything we say and do.
He is here for us no matter what we may venture unto. He loves us, and wants us to know we are his children.
So before we do the wrong things, to rob, steal, and kill,
Remember God is watching us so stop and be still. Life may bring its sorrows and it is difficult for us to see,

Pause For A Moment And Just Pray

When I am confused and discouraged and nothing
Seems to go right, pause for a moment and
Seek your advice. When I don't have the answers and I know not
What to do, Pause for a moment and confide