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What does poetry mean to me

Poetry is the air I breathe

I remember grandma’s hand

She raised us oh so well

The roller coaster ride of my

Wherever it leads

Bye, bye my friend bye, bye
We shall meet on the other

I know my love wait for
Over by the brook, where
The blue waters run

I''m looking toward a place far, far

While the sun blaze against my

Dear God I’m writing you this

Cause I think I’m going to need

Transport me back

When the rain was

The bells toll for you today

To fly to your new home in
Yonder sky..

People come and go into our

The clock is ticking on down

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

If I could write you a poem each

What would I say?

Can you hear the angel sing

Singing of a glorious day

May I say I love you?
In such simple word
I claim,
Would you just hold

One magical night, in a
Moment of bliss...
I flew through the night sky
With angel dust at my feet,

I awaken this morning with
On my mind,

In hoping, your morning was

In my grand baby world she
Dream of pink butterflies and
Angel with golden wings playing
And singing sweet lullabies

I feel like heaven is smiling
Down on me,
The dark gray clouds is moving

Looking for a beacon of
From a simple stranger

Over in the valley of the stars

Filled with bow arrows and

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What Poetry Mean To Me

What does poetry mean to me

Poetry is the air I breathe

Poetry is the words that feed
My soul
To make me whole

Poetry is what makes me blossom
In the middle of spring

Poetry is what grows my garden
And makes it flourish with nature

Poetry Is

My magical whim's that supply all my
Fantasy and fills my hopes and dreams

Poetry is the strong desire that keep the
Flames of love burning

In the midst of the hour

And lights up the sky
With beautiful hues of colours

Spreads from one globe to


To swim the ocean deep

Just because of love

Poetry is that and more, which I
Hate to carry this on and on


Poetry is the love of our life that visit
Us in our dreams

Poetry is

Me and the worlds that wakes every
Morning to bloom and blossom

Even after the death has played it last
Song that breaks our hearts

Poetry is tears and moans
Grief and pain that Hunt's the

Poetry is the rain crying from
The sky
The sun the moon with the golden
Poetry is a child laughter at play
The tears a child shreds in sadness
They cry

Poetry is just a book of songs you
And I write down in our journal
Each and every day


Mix them together again and again
That is poetry

Poetry is life woes
Life happiness

Poetry is life
Here now and after

Poetry is you and I

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