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Hoping This is all I Need

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Throne Of Gold

I may never be a
Dickens, Lawrence, Keats, or Brodsky
I may never be a
Ginsberg, Kerouac or Hemingway


Smoking Marijuana?
Well it's a bit like jazz
You only listen to it to make you happy,
give yourself an up

Angelic Misconception

arrive at your scene
with the poison already in my veins
A quarter to Nine
with the light still glowing

Traveling Dreams; Just Dreams

The nights being itself tonight
With the wind blowing against
The shutters that cover the holes
And there behind those I lay awake

To Know Is To Understand

When will he come?
Our messiah, our God
This rain seems to be
Hesitant to fall

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Matt Curley 10 September 2006

Why don't you use your real name?

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