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I felt the distance

You had no shame

A three day high

plays tricks on your mind

Tears streamed down his face
When he realized what was happening
It was too late now

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Something Funny Happened On The Way Back From Denver

I felt the distance

You had no shame

Carrying on 

Continuing the game

I knew before we left

It wasn't just me

Yet you went along 

Like I couldn't see

The darkness in your eyes

Your inability to touch 

You starting acting like

You did before 

When you were f*cking that other wh*re

I felt it, knew it, was sick in my gut

Yet I took you along

Knowing this will be our last trip

You used my kIndness to snatch your next victim

Look, baby girl! I'm in Denver…

I'm someone different

Yet I'm not

I would not have a damn thing

If it wasn't for fake love

Using a girl to impress

Cause you can't do it on your own

All you care about is the chase

Cause you can't be alone

In the quiet of the day

Your brain needs diverted

From thinking about the things

That makes you perverted.

Don't be a bitch

Don't try to lie


Every girl will eventually see

That you're black on the inside.

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Dennis Nwachukwu 09 June 2023


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