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1. Anniversary 10/18/2016
2. My Mother's Pillow 10/18/2016
3. The Pick 10/18/2016
4. Postcard to I. Kaminsky from a Dream at the Edge of the Sea 10/18/2016
5. Self-Pity 10/18/2016
6. Slow Children at Play 10/18/2016
7. The Pick 2/7/2018
8. Slow Children at Play 2/7/2018
9. Postcard to I. Kaminsky from a Dream at the Edge of the Sea 2/7/2018
10. Bluegrass Rhapsody 2/7/2018
11. Lasswade, Midlothian: Dusk 2/7/2018
12. Hex 2/7/2018
13. Los Niños 2/7/2018
14. My Mother's Birds 2/7/2018
15. From Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem 2/7/2018
16. My Mother's Pillow 2/7/2018
17. On Faith 2/7/2018
18. East India Grill Villanelle 2/7/2018
19. Burning the Doll 2/7/2018
20. On Faith 3/2/2015

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On Faith

How do people stay true to each other?
When I think of my parents all those years
in the unmade bed of their marriage, not ever
longing for anything else — or: no, they must
have longed; there must have been flickerings,
stray desires, nights she turned from him,
sleepless, and wept, nights he rose silently,
smoked in the dark, nights that nest of breath
and tangled limbs must have seemed
not enough. But it was. Or they just
held on. A gift, perhaps, I've tossed out,
having been always too willing to fly
to the next love, the next and the next, ...

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Didn't I stand there once,
white-knuckled, gripping the just-lit taper,
swearing I'd never go back?
And hadn't you kissed the rain from my mouth?
And weren't we gentle and awed and afraid,
knowing we'd stepped from the room of desire
into the further room of love?
And wasn't it sacred, the sweetness
we licked from each other's hands?

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