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I started writing since I was young. Then I liked keeping journals and writing short articles.I studied literature between 2005 and 2006 which taught me to observe things, analyze them and express what I would or feel about them.
Poetry is a vioce within that enables us express our feelings in artistic words. That is my point of view. I write to express my feelings regarding different occurences.

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A Grave

Silent, it is said to be,
Lonely, it is said to be,
Dead, it absolutely is,
Lifeless it is,
Tormenting, a grave is,
Life-taking a grave is,
Breathless, a grave is,
Unresponsive, a grave is.


Beautiful flowers at its peak,
Good enough to veil its grief,
To conceal its anguish.
Yet deep inside,
Bleak it is
Still it is,
Deplorable it is
Anguished, unhappy it is...
Could that be me,
Without you?

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Cess Njuki Popularity

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