chad fisher

Rookie (Aug 1976 / Hattisburg Mississipi)

chad fisher Poems

1. Take Care. 1/27/2007
2. Presupposition Of Your Own Ambition 1/27/2007
3. What Comes To You 1/28/2007
4. Heartbreak Freeway 1/29/2007
5. I'M Not Writing A Poem Today 1/31/2007
6. The Frozen Fishing Pond 2/13/2007
7. Something Intriguing (Or Red And Black And Golden) 2/13/2007
8. I Won'T Lie To You 1/23/2007
9. Forgiving Unforgiveness 1/25/2007
10. I Will Not Let Go Of My Love 2/17/2007
11. You Exist Now Only In My Heart 2/22/2007
12. The Rope Of Forgiveness 2/22/2007
13. Give Me You 2/22/2007
14. Excommunicated 3/1/2007
15. Is This A Sin? 3/4/2007
16. I Want You Back 3/30/2007
17. The Lost Jewel 4/5/2007
18. Question....? 5/2/2007
19. Tired 5/7/2007
20. Invisible 5/11/2007
21. Richelle, Richelle 7/10/2007
22. Goals 7/19/2007
23. Time Passes By 7/28/2007
24. Q&A With An Angel 8/3/2007
25. The Myth And Fact Of Religion 8/11/2007
26. Prayer 8/13/2007
27. Who Are You? 8/16/2007
28. My True Home 8/21/2007
29. I Have Stopped With The Rhyming Words For Just A Moment... 8/29/2007
30. Many Roads 9/3/2007
31. Divinity 11/13/2007
32. How Would You Feel? 12/16/2007
33. Snap Out Of It! 1/12/2008
34. Yesterday And Today 1/22/2008
35. Broken Shell 1/23/2008
36. A Chorus For Piano, A Song For Love Gone Wrong... 2/1/2008
37. The Whistle Of A Vesel 2/1/2008
38. I Miss You Shell 2/11/2008
39. Adhd Gotten Worse... 2/15/2008
40. Who I Am Hates Who I Used To Be 2/22/2007
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Lost Poem...Lost Love..

Lost poem...
Lost words...
Lost feeling..
Lost love...

Nay, these are not lost, it is a deception
Nay, these are not lost, a false perception

Lost poem...
Lost words...
Lost feeling..
Lost love...

Nay, these are not lost, they exist deep in my soul,
Ultimate forgiveness, a high ideal, and yet a worthy goal.

Lost poem...
Lost words...
Lost feeling..
Lost love...

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Martyr In Love

it is allright if you hate me for something I've never done,
for I understand you are under the influence of the evil one,
it has been hard to accept the truth that I am a martyr
i have suffered so that you can try and be filled with joy from above,
a martyr of friendship, a martyr of peace, a martyr in love
you make a list of all my wrongs done, an excellent charter,
but you wrote one down wrong, a grevious error,
for you believed me to be completely impure, a souless terror
yet yo

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