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If you like I'll take you back
With all my heart.

I'm still alone.


If my time should come
I'd like no one to entice me
Not even you

I shouted at Him
Until He came
We met face to face.


When my time comes
No one's going to cry for me,
And you won't, either
The hell with all those tears!

This time no one's lookng for love
down between the sheds, the old houses, among the twittering
masts and rigging. A boat, a prau that will never sail again
puffs and snorts, thinking there's something it can catch

We share the same path, late at night
with the fog, penetrating
and the rain, drenching our bodies.

No, woman! What lives in me
still easily evades your fevered and dark embrace,
intent on finding the greenness of another sea,

To dictate is not my intent,
Fate is separate loneliness-es.
I choose you from among the rest, but

Pines scatter in the distance,
as day becomes night,
branches slap weakly at the window,

Chairil Anwar Biography

Chairil Anwar (26 July 1922 – 28 April 1949) was an Indonesian poet and member of the "1945 generation" of writers. He is estimated to have written 96 works, including 70 individual poems. Anwar was born and raised in Medan, North Sumatra, before moving to Batavia with his mother in 1940, where he began to enter the local literary circles. After publishing his first poem in 1942, Anwar continued to write. However, his poems were at times censored by the Japanese, then occupying Indonesia. Living rebelliously, Anwar wrote extensively, often about death. He died in Jakarta of an unknown illness. His work dealt with various themes, including death, individualism, and existentialism, and were often multi-interpretable. Drawing influence from foreign poets, Anwar used everyday language and new syntax to write his poetry, which has been noted as aiding the development of the Indonesian language. His poems were often constructed irregularly, but with individual patterns.)

The Best Poem Of Chairil Anwar


If you like I'll take you back
With all my heart.

I'm still alone.

I know you're not what you were,

Like a flower pulled into parts.
Don't crawl! Stare at me bravely.

If you like I'll take you back

For myself, but
I won't share even with a mirror.

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abdul mohit 02 September 2019

I like poems of chairil anwar

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Chairil Anwar Quotes

“Nasib adalah kesunyian masing-masing”

“Cinta adalah bahaya yang lekas jadi pudar”

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Chairil Anwar Popularity

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