Chantal Lammerts

Chantal Lammerts Poems

1. Pretending 3/15/2008
2. The Colours Of The Rainbow. 5/28/2008
3. My Dream Place 5/28/2008
4. And There Stands The King 6/10/2008
5. Let Go 10/6/2008
6. What Is Life? 10/6/2008
7. Done Asking Why 10/18/2008
8. Before All Of It Is Gone 10/18/2008
9. Faith 10/21/2008
10. Live It Out! 10/21/2008
11. I Love You 11/18/2008
12. My Christmas Poem (Already) 11/18/2008
13. Feeling Everything So True 11/18/2008
14. Free, Next To Me 11/18/2008
15. Get What I Want 11/18/2008
16. My Mistakes 12/23/2008
17. The Sea 12/24/2008
18. Next Year 12/30/2008
19. My Soul Transcends 12/30/2008
20. Strong Enough 1/3/2009
21. I'M Like A Flower 1/3/2009
22. He Wants To Fly Away 1/3/2009
23. Happy Birthday Tante Viola! 1/20/2009
24. Let’s Not Waste Another Day. 1/22/2009
25. Can You Fall For The Rain? 1/22/2009
26. I Get To Be With You 2/14/2009
27. The Lights Go Out, I Flee 3/12/2009
28. Catch Me, Hold Me 3/12/2009
29. The Stone And The Well 3/14/2009
30. No Longer -Me-, As Part Of -Us- 3/18/2009
31. My Poetry 5/29/2009
32. The Dance Of Opposites 10/26/2009
33. I'Ll Say, I'Ll Sing... 12/19/2008
34. Mirror, Mirror 12/23/2011
35. What Happened To Reality? 11/21/2012
36. Why Oh Why? My Oh My... 12/19/2008
37. Always Be Your Friend 10/6/2008
38. As A Child Grows Up 2/19/2009
39. I Have To Get Away 12/19/2008
40. Whatever Will Be 7/18/2010
Best Poem of Chantal Lammerts

When We Were Parted

When we were parted…

The wind rustles through the trees,
The pain, more than conscience sees.
Hold aside by every soul,
We’re slowly losing our control.

Our souls united as one,
Our bodies far apart,
First thought, then done,
Trying to fix a broken heart.

Years and years had gone by fast,
Trying to reveal the one that’s caused.
Our lives to separate, our hearts to break,
Willing to forgive that one mistake.

Life has past, worlds went by,
Our hope lives on, goes up high.
Love, at last, never dies,
Even when the red rose ...

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My Dream Place

A place, where the raw magic still lives,
Where everything has it’s true colour,
Where rainbows cover the sky,
And our greatest wisdom is our earned valour.

A place, where my mind flees to in tough times
And where my heart has always been,
Where my dreams have been invented,
And my face is always seen.

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