Charles Heavysege Poems

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Secrets Of The Heart

Open, my heart, thy ruddy valves;
It is thy master calls;
Let me go down, and, curious, trace
Thy labyrinthine halls.

The Infinite

The day was lingering in the pale north-
And night was hanging o'er my head-
Night, where a myriad stars were spread;

Childhood Alone Is Glad

Childhood alone is glad. With it time flees
In constant mimes and bright festivities.
It, like the ever-restless butterfly,


Hushed in a calm beyond mine utterance,
See in the western sky the evening spread;
Suspended in its pale, serene expanse,

Conscious Madness (Extract From Saul)

What ails me? what impels me on, until
The big drops fall from off my brow? Whence comes
This strange affliction?--Oh, thus to the driven

Haunts Of A Demon (Extract From Saul)

The Jewish king now walks at large and sound,
Yet of our emissary Malzah hear we nothing:
Go now, sweet spirit, and, if need be, seek

Last Words Of Saul (Extract From Saul)

Now let me die, for I indeed was slain
With my three sons. Where are ye, sons? Oh let me
Find ye, that I may perish with you; dying,


'Tis solemn darkness; the sublime of shade;
Night, by no stars nor rising moon relieved;
The awful blank of nothingness arrayed,

Song From Count Filippo

WHO is lord of lordly fate,--
Lady of her lot's estate?
He who rules himself is he,
She who tempts not fate is she.

The Coming Of Morn

See how the Morn awakes. Along the sky
Proceeds she with her pale, increasing light,
And, from the depths of the dim canopy,