Charles Olson Poems

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Maximus, To Himself

I have had to learn the simplest things
last. Which made for difficulties.
Even at sea I was slow, to get the hand out, or to cross
a wet deck.

As the Dead Prey Upon Us

As the dead prey upon us,
they are the dead in ourselves,
awake, my sleeping ones, I cry out to you,
disentangle the nets of being!

I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You

Off-shore, by islands hidden in the blood
jewels & miracles, I, Maximus
a metal hot from boiling water, tell you
what is a lance, who obeys the figures of
the present dance

The Kingfishers


What does not change / is the will to change

He woke, fully clothed, in his bed. He
remembered only one thing, the birds, how
when he came in, he had gone around the rooms

The Librarian

The landscape (the landscape!) again: Gloucester,
the shore one of me is (duplicates), and from which
(from offshore, I, Maximus) am removed, observe.

Maximus, to Gloucester: Letter 2

. . . . . tell you? ha! who
can tell another how
to manage the swimming?

he was right: people

The Songs of Maximus: SONG 1

colored pictures
of all things to eat: dirty
And words, words, words

The Songs of Maximus: SONG 2

And I am asked—ask myself (I, too, covered
with the gurry of it) where
shall we go from here, what can we do

Variations Done for Gerald Van De Wiele

I. Le Bonheur

dogwood flakes
what is green

the petals