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Charles Péguy was a noted French poet, essayist, and editor. His two main philosophies were socialism and nationalism, but by 1908 at the latest, after years of uneasy agnosticism, he had become a devout but non-practicing Roman Catholic. From that time, Catholicism strongly influenced his works.


Péguy was born to poverty. Hi ...

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When you love someone, you love him as he is.
I alone am perfect.
It is probably for that reason

The Passion Of Our Lady

For the past three days she had been wandering, and following.
She followed the people.
She followed the events.

Charles Péguy Comments

mary Hinde 01 April 2019

does anyone now title of Charles Peguy's poem on faith and hope

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Rebekah Rojcewicz 09 March 2018

I have lost a leaflet with Peguy's poem God Speaks translated by Julian Green, which spoke of my little hope as well as resurrection with the image of the rough bark and tender bud. Can you help me find it?

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In our Bible study this morning a film we watched spoke of a poem Charles Peguy wrote on the supernatural gifts. It is appraently no longer published, but you may have some copies that I could order. Kindly reply to my email above.

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