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Your lungs couldn't breath,

So your heart wouldn't beat.
Off-ground we're your feet.


Trucks tease me with their lights, bridges please me with their heights, the demons I let
win our fight,
for I am losing sight of the life I once knew, when I was not blind, when I knew how to see days bright.

Demon Carrier

What you left behind, was trapped inside my mind, they lived off my cries, I tried to make them go, but their grasp was too strong, so I let myself die. Only to be reborn. Now they scratch outside, at my door. With their big black claws. I won't let them inside, for they tortured my mind, and many of my kind. the door is my barrier and you are the demon carrier.

My Love

Why can't I have your lips? Your kiss…. Why can't I hear that noise? your voice…. Why can't I touch you skin? Pale like a mist. I want to taste your blood, but hurt you not, because you are my love.

A Deep Deep Darkness

Every light I had found, you turned them off without a sound.
Leaving me completely lost.
Surrounded in darkness, no more lights in sight. I had finally lost hope. A tortured soul. Swimming in black seas, drowning in darkness.

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01 October 2021

"Passions are like angels that fight our inner demons" -ck

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