Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman

(1860-1935 / the United States)

Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman Poems

1. A Common Inference 9/21/2010
2. Another Star 9/21/2010
3. Eternal Me 9/21/2010
4. Nation 9/21/2010
5. Now 9/21/2010
6. Reassurance 9/21/2010
7. The 9/21/2010
8. The Beds Of Fleur-De-Lys 9/21/2010
9. Homes 2/10/2015
10. Women Do Not Want It 9/21/2010
11. Women Of To-Day 9/21/2010
12. Up And Down 9/21/2010
13. The Malingerer 9/21/2010
14. For Fear 9/21/2010
15. Girls Of To-Day 9/21/2010
16. A Question 9/21/2010
17. The Anti-Suffragists 9/21/2010
18. She Who Is To Come 9/21/2010
19. The Socialist And The Suffragist 9/21/2010
20. Women To Men 9/21/2010
21. The Wolf At The Door 9/21/2010
22. Similar Cases 9/21/2010
23. Mother To Child 9/21/2010
24. Females 9/21/2010
25. Song For Equal Suffrage 9/21/2010
26. Wedded Bliss 9/21/2010
27. Coming 9/21/2010
28. She Walketh Veiled And Sleeping 9/21/2010
29. We As Women 9/21/2010
30. The Housewife 9/21/2010
31. A Conservative 9/21/2010
32. Boys Will Be Boys 9/21/2010
33. Locked Inside 9/21/2010
34. To The Indifferent Women 9/21/2010

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Best Poem of Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman

To The Indifferent Women

You who are happy in a thousand homes,
Or overworked therein, to a dumb peace;
Whose souls are wholly centered in the life
Of that small group you personally love–
Who told you that you need not know or care
About the sin and sorrow of the world?

Do you believe the sorrow of the world
Does not concern you in your little homes?
That you are licensed to avoid the care
And toil for human progress, human peace,
And the enlargement of our power of love
Until it covers every field of life?

The one first duty of all human life
Is to promote the ...

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Another Star

There are five a-light before us,
In the flag flying o'er us,
There'll be six on next election–
We bring a new star!
We are coming like the others,
Free Sisters, Free Brothers,
In the pride of our affection
For California.
CHORUS: A ballot for the Lady!

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