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Bubbles fizzing in my mouth,
Lilac flowers bloom,
Drowning the sorrows,
In this empty room.

The ducks on a brunette river,
We are caged in auburn rock,
Plunged into darkness,
The silence ache my ears.

Gazing into your deep eyes,
Yellow and jade pressed into your skin,
I pressed into your core,
I dream it’s real this time.

Was it a glimpse a glimmer in those pretty blue eyes?
It could have been an angel’s wing just gliding by.

Was it a cloud that was over my head?

Reiki Wings

These wings are getting heavy,
To much of a burden to endure,

As I stagger in the darkness,
You call out to me,
As I run as far as I can,
You cry to me,

The blue green curls of mako eyes,
The way they look as you pass me by,
The shine the shimmer,
The truth they hold,

I stumble,
Tumble, down and down.

Black muddled curls and tears on white fur,
Out of the window,
The sun sets for the last time.


A glance, a smile, an ember.

There is something there,
Always was,


You slumber,
The shallow breath raising your chest,
Not even a sound.

As I rest here,
I try to comprehend the way you make me feel,
I memorise.

Being in love with you is like a ray of sunshine after a thunderstorm,
Its like leaves trapped in the autumn breeze,
I would sell my soul for an extra day in your arms.

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Hi there! Well im 22 and have been writing for as long as I can remember. I had a very hard childhood which as I have got older has given me a lot of inspirations. I have also been in a few very bad relationships, this maybe why a lot of my poems are a little depressing. At the moment my life is on track and the best it has ever been so some happy poems coming soon I hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this.)

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Apple Pips And Bubbles

Bubbles fizzing in my mouth,
Lilac flowers bloom,
Drowning the sorrows,
In this empty room.

Yellow liquid in this glass,
Soft lace against my skin,
Sit back, close your eyes,
Let the alcohol sink in.

Golden taps dripping away their life,
Drum beats in the background grow,
Shake off the happiness,
Let in the sorrow.

Take another sip,
Feel all that love and affection slip,
It’s like im suffocating on apple pips.

This life is too big to swallow but to small to choke on.

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