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splintered like ice

As Foucault has said, and many after him,
Politics is everywhere,
both without and within.
Politics is power and that is all it is

Nov 23 2021

Precious memories still fade
Become blurred with time

We fly above wisps of clouds floating like cotton wool puffballs over the blue and green below coming closer and closer with each minute that passes to the proximity of the city.....Toronto. Do I even wish to see it...even from the air. One more city in a long journey thru cities of the world each becoming the same bleak and desperate places where beggars haunt streets and the waves of despair they emanate touches few.. After all these months of travel I am finally coming to the realization that I love this small planet which circles the sun with such insignificance when compared the mass of stars even just in the Milky way, far less amongst the zillions of stars in the rest of the universe. What a blessing to have been given such beauty to accompany the short existence we have whilst here. how could we permit it to be destroyed and tamed into a uniformity of submission and production for the selfish humans who live here. I guess I sound a bit soured but we humans are so inept at everything we do that at times it is almost impossible to imagine a world where all live in unity much as I desire it and work for that goal....perhaps this period of time is too overwhelming for me to see beyond it or appreciate what went before it to get us to this point

I write
My poems
As a kind

The golden light shines over all
Touching each turning leaf with
A glow

They say I pretend or lie
All I write. No such thing.
It simply is that I
Feel by imagining.

Tiny man
Defy you your very Creator?
Defy you His Law?
His Law which has set into motion

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The Light


splintered like ice
breaking in shards
sharp shivering slivers
of silver
silken strands
severing connections
of perception
with sensory streams

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