charmaine Young Poems

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Time And Time Again...

Time and time again
I hope that my life chances would change.
Time and time again...
I wonder if I will ever feel love, like I'm ready to give.

Human Nature

Simple, innocent keeping not so complex
You would think human nature would love that
instead of noise and choas, and constant challenges
Keeping things on guided rules, trying not to stray off the

New Day!

Wake up with a new thoughts,
day goals, lifes passions
The past and old are gone and lost
This is the present the very moment that you are


what's wrong with you?

Has lifel left you so heartless,
that you can't feel, see, touch things

Happy Birthday To You For You Are Specail!

Happy Birthday,
to you giving thoughts through and through
Happy Birthday to you, for the years i've known you
the success in your life is almost near

True Beauty

Error Success