Beyond the grasp of the crimson light,
Beyond the reach of the gurgling waves
I saw a bird of majestic eyes
Looking down the branch knitted maze.

O Thou sky lie splashed up high,
Beneath thy lies a glorious gem.
Embellished with stars of unflinching light,
Moulding and carving a second heaven.

A small plant with curious twigs,
Did changed into a cactus spine!
For a new North wind blew through it,
Namely the teenage time.

Standing by the shivering door,
She whispered a weak Goodbye
Which wasn't bold enough for him,
But for her, unsatisfied.

Once the paper united with the pen,
And the latter was set free towards an alluring heaven.
Moulding and carving a castle of style,
Of bricks hand - picked as words elected for a rhyme.


Hawk's Eye

Beyond the grasp of the crimson light,
Beyond the reach of the gurgling waves
I saw a bird of majestic eyes
Looking down the branch knitted maze.
The wind was strong with tropical pride,
And the Ave was on its toes.
For it had found a perfect price,
To please the evil organ' s throat.
The two blue mirrors had captured the map,
And mud chrome feathers were refraining flaps.
The beautiful figure was bent down stiff,
And the nape and beak were streamline fixed.
Suddenly a rustle echoed in the weeds,
And the flight was taken with embedded greed.
The close packed stems that were merry and gay,
Were blotted in a second and thrown away.
I saw between the upright trees,
A shooting star with endless speed.
As if a missile very close to mission
Or a note from the strict trainer's whistle.
Down in the shrubs shuffled quietly the dove,
Unaware that death was circling above.
Busy with himself pondering the weeds,
For he was in search of precious seeds.
Suddenly a swoosh and a thump was heard,
The closeness to death threatened the dove.
He circled his neck in all close angles,
And beside the oak found numerous twigs tangled.
Someone was shivering and flapping in pain,
With huge old feathers recovering from vain.
The small frightened bird approached fork spreaded claws,
The hunter's spear had darted the hawk.
In no more clock the dove caught the game,
That he was the bait for the hunter's gain.
He neither remorsed nor cocked- A-hoop,
But only saw it die till one fell swoop.
The unsteady hunter trodded the leaves,
And the stone dove flee to anchor a tree.
A huge sack was fed and lifted from the grass,
And the proud king walked as bold as brass.
Inside the case the jewel felt ashamed,
For the hawk's eye was tricked in it's own play.
The nature had painted a beautiful tale,
Of course incomplete, with climax in wait.
The proud manly legs were unaware of the fact,
That a stripped demon had signed the pact.
The tall trees sighed to watch the show,
For the hawk's eye shined from the same place before.




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