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I am the musical rhythm
That runs through my veins
I am the fight
Between hardships that causes less pain

Taking the long journey
To the middle of no where
Is a journey i am willing to take
The fact that i care about you so much

Feelings emotion
They dread me with pain
Losing my mind im going insane
Cant control what i feel

Thought you where everything
Thought we could work
Til you took my heart
And threw it down in the dirt

Can't seem to silence my conscience inside
Fighting the temptation to do right
So i hide
Explore the changes of the world

Thought love was action
No always what you say
The more I move from love
The more I’m in the way

If life as we know it would crash
Forever i'd stay with you
If i would fall to my knees and stumble
Forever you'd get me through

You kept me waiting
Then you left me
I can’t be with anybody
But still you kept me

Give me a chance to explain
But can I explain who I am
A question that lurks in our mind
A thought we do not understand

He silenced me with one kiss
He took the words that flowed from my lips
The way my mind spoke was said in my eyes
It was neither my name nor my size

You call it tough love
I say it’s unfair
You say that’s Life
But deep down you care

I can't believe I'm saying this
But my feelings are deepening
Causing them not to run over
My love is seeping

Well you’re messing me up
Getting me so confused
Eyes watering so much
I’m running out of tissues

Let the truth speak free
Like blood through my veins
Let us be honest
Because in love you feel pain

Hurts me even more
Cause you left me alone
Causes me pain
When you came to my home

Having a take of evil is the feeling of hate
from the Exhausting movements and
forgetting of the date
Strong words to choose

Cant believe
What have i done
To hold one hostage
To ceize firer with a gun

If love had a heart
Would it know how i feel
Would it know that a fantasy isnt at all real
if love had a heart

You hate me really
Beacuse you dont return my call
You said it was a love phase cause we've been through it all
you said its simple no more feelings

As the waves crash on to the sand
I will be there with you
To hold your hand during the rain
I’ll be there to watch your children grow

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Ray Charles

I am the musical rhythm
That runs through my veins
I am the fight
Between hardships that causes less pain
When I lost my sight
I had to use ears
Even though I couldn’t see
It made things clear
At age seven the whole world went black
Momma was serious she didn’t take no smack
Racial segregation made life even harder
Didn’t make much money so we traded and barter
Made it big my first hit single
It attracted all the ladies a made them mingle
I struggled hard with my heroin addiction
Life was difficult and stranger than fiction
Loving my music we lost track of time
Next hit single Georgia on my mind
No one took advantage of such a smart man
Mom always taught him to take his own stand
He made good music with rhythm and rhyme
I’ve through the hard times
Slaves being chained
I am the musical rhythm
That runs through my veins

Ray Charles

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