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1. Look At Me 5/30/2013
2. Have A Seat 5/15/2013
3. Restful Night 5/14/2013
4. Me 10/9/2013
5. If These Walls Could Talk 5/15/2014
6. Dont Take Your Life 11/24/2014
7. Unheard Pleas 11/24/2014
8. Wings Unused 1/29/2015
9. Time To Think In An Unused Place Pt.1 1/29/2015
10. Pain 2/4/2015
11. Without You 2/23/2015
12. The Prayer 5/14/2013
13. War Games 12/18/2015
14. The Night Sky 8/6/2013
15. Fear 3/16/2015
16. Time To Think In An Unused Place Pt.2 1/29/2015
17. I Tried To Be Me 5/20/2014
18. The Poem Eater 3/18/2015
19. Love 3/16/2015

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love is when you shed a tear and want him,
its when he ignores you and you still love him,
its when he loves another girl but you still smile and say,
'im happy for you.'when all you really do is cry.

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The Prayer

your sad and brokenhearted, you feel youve been betrayed,
and you seek to find the reason, in mistakes that you have made.
your world is toppling over and you watch the pieces fly,
and your helpless to prevent it, no matter how you try.
no man who ever lived has streanth, enought to stand alone,
and everything that we may have today, tomorrow will be gone.
take care of what your about, no happiness will ever come,
from shutting friends out, each of us learns from failier,
and to ris

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