Chibueze Oscar Osuji

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Chibueze Oscar Osuji Poems

1. Mute Talking Drum 8/1/2014
2. Blank Depression 8/1/2014
3. Ode To Envy 8/1/2014
4. My Maiden's Love Is Like A Cloud In June 8/1/2014
5. Ode To The Iroko Dryad 8/2/2014
6. Maiden Of Ekwensu 8/2/2014
7. To Love A Woman 8/2/2014
8. To Come To Know 8/2/2014
9. Aletheia 8/2/2014
10. Hollow Lunar 8/2/2014
11. Of A Hemlock Drink 8/2/2014
12. Sainthood For Mr Sinnerman 8/2/2014
13. Lament On The Christ: Holy Lamentum Iv 8/3/2014
14. Song Of Solomon I (Chapter 1: 1-17 Re-Written And Done Into Verse And Metric Form) 8/3/2014
15. Blank Lines Written Behind The Curtain 8/3/2014
16. Battallion And Amnesty 8/4/2014
17. Jove Of Love Ii 8/4/2014
18. Jove Of Love I 8/4/2014
19. A Reminder Of Home 8/5/2014
20. The High Priest's Saga 8/5/2014
21. A Plague 8/5/2014
22. A Little Love Bud Of Mine 8/5/2014
23. A Chorus Of A Waiting Maiden 8/5/2014
24. Doing The Dying 8/6/2014
25. Epistle Of Episteme: Prologue 8/6/2014
26. We Love It Here O' Idyll 8/6/2014
27. A Dialogue: Two Fellows In One World 8/8/2014
28. Riverine Afloat 8/10/2014
29. Hillock Beings 8/10/2014
30. Aplenty Prints And Sonnet(S) I 8/10/2014
31. Fire-Land 8/10/2014
32. In A Courtyard 8/10/2014
33. Ode To The Unborn 8/10/2014
34. Man Of The South 8/11/2014
35. Rubicon Crossing 8/11/2014
36. The Old Gods 8/11/2014
37. Street Light 8/11/2014
38. Forgiving Solitude 8/13/2014
39. Balancing Today 8/13/2014
40. I Am Not Human 8/13/2014
Best Poem of Chibueze Oscar Osuji

Purple Flowers

To plant purple flowers as the corridor
Of a big ranching range of a manor-
Mansion: Soft spankling purplish phyta and-
Lovely, I would love to grasp with my hand
To feel the entrancing purple colour.

Day to day, I glance at the vineyard's law
Which tells neither can the flowers be pluck'd, nor
Can they be tak'n away to a new land,
To plant purple flowers.

I wrote a dear note to a farmhouse for
A few purple flowers perhaps two or more,
To be sent to me by a mailing band
(Hidd'n away for the vineyard's law had bann'd...)
I secretly kept a place ...

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Ode To The Iroko Dryad

And what shall I speak of a bliss figure?
Feminine and planted below the ground
Safe, from 'rooting-storms, the rot of nature,
In such a xylem kept constant and bound
In peace, O peace, with every hour spent
In such homely bark of an Iroko,
No foreseen farmer's blade had tam'd it mildly
Not the wind had blew forth your wooden tent,
At such peak no limbing primate will go;

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