Chidi Anthony Opara

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Chidi Anthony Opara Biography

Chidi Anthony Opara is a Nigerian Poet. He was born on the 8th day of August,1963 in Umude Avuvu in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria.

He is married with children.

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Chigbo Okoli 24 May 2008

Chidi, your poems are classicals. you may never seize to thrill me as a nigerian poet.

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The Best Poem Of Chidi Anthony Opara

Which Kin Yawa Be Dis? (Poem In Nigerian Pidgin English)

Bomb blow,
Country people wound,
Country people die,
House dem damage,
Property sef spoil.

Country man
Wey dey advise Presido
For security matter
Come yan say
Na because of election
Wey dey come
Na im make bomb dey blow.

Come yan say
Na lie adviser talk,
Opposition come hala say
Make Presido sack adviser.

As dem dey talk talk,
Bomb still dey blow,
Country people still dey wound,
Country people still dey die,
House dem still dey damage,
Property still dey spoil,
Which kin yawa be dis?

Chidi Anthony Opara Popularity

Chidi Anthony Opara Popularity

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