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As long as the earth exists
men are the eternal victims
is there sense in it?
To let son fight the giant

High walls, and armed men
Issuing out commands;
Armed men whose heart are either old or cold.
We, like prisoners on white, and

While we labour in pain,
Struggling like wounded lion,
Let us think again
The day we were born.

I do not need the mirror, it's transparent.
I do not want the mirror to torture me
I look, I see myself and I forget
And that is not what I want,

Out of the grave, out of the grove
Comes a girl, pretty like daughter of Jove
And eyes as innocent as a dove.
I wouldn't mind giving you all my love

Perhaps I'm demanding too much from you
Maybe you've got a better offer somewhere
That you take my calls for granted, even you!
But mark this: I've tried to escape

For this sight I'll eternally be thankful
I'm yet to see anyone as beautiful
Man, nor woman, yet so sensible.
Shall I compare you to a young palm tree?

Many among us have argued:
If God had destroyed, once a world
Filled with crimes, disobedience, anarchy, greed
And men of unusual sizes, with a flood,

I found my life path
Leading straight to your heart.

I've never seen one so true!

I know you are there
Watching, you that made yourself,
Gazing and gazing down here
To see what I'd make of myself.

The echoes sluggishly passed into nothingness
Disentangling quickly from other echoes,
Finding its way through the forest
Where nymphs reside and rest,

Leo Onyemauche Ejesu,
On a day like this you were born
A fragile virgin child
Unto the overjoyed awaiting hands of your

The Dream

In that midnight hour
When you've yielded to that one power;

As swiftly as they come,
Days are like wind that blows away
Yet, we have to make each day count,
Although some days count more,

Now and again my heart tried to freeze

Until I behold the feet of the very best!

Whenever I'm with you, I feel happy.
Whenever you kiss me, I see love,
I see love in its entirety!
Whenever you touch me, I feel care,

You are a victim of your own
One dies for all, not all for one.
We learn while we are breathing.
Nwanyieke was not peace loving

Slowly, slowly, slowly the crystal river flow,
Moving down the slope of rocks below.
The water were warm since harmattan's due
And frogs croak as they usually do.

Where else shall we go to my love?
Nowhere is new under the sun.
Nothing, except when a man
After countless others, gets a wife.

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CHIME JUSTICE NDUBUISI (CJN) is the author of 'To Kill An Angel'. He is a humanist and a poetivist. He is the Poetry Editor at African Crayons. Some of his poems have been published in The Muse, a Journal of Creative and Critical writing at the University of Nigeria, The African Eyeball Anthology of Poetry, Rhythms of Truth Poetry Anthology, Songs from Unsung Poets Anthology, Lyriversity, and on his Facebook page. In 2016, his poem ‘An Open Letter to God' was longlisted in the Babishai Niwe Poetry Prize Award Uganda. ‘To Kill An Angel' is his first published chapbook.)

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As Long As The Earth Exists

As long as the earth exists
men are the eternal victims
is there sense in it?
To let son fight the giant
the father could not defeat
to let life go on just like that?
We've waited for so long a time
and we are still waiting upon hope
and till the last moment, every housefly
Is a bee! We've been bitten repeatedly
We've been soaked in this misery
and till the last moment, every housefly
Is a bee! Every goose is a swan!
Until the very last moment, till then,
we'll hope for the very best
And would see nothing wrong, and worst;
we won't face the whole truth,
we would rather thrust the truth
away with our own hands. Both hands!
I would want to know it afterwards,
who ate the bread from heaven
or the original fruit from Eden, again.
We have failed to ask this one question;
the answer is everywhere we turn:
Which parent would let their children battle
the devil they themselves could not subdue?
I would like to know it afterwards:
The rewards for merit and demerits
Could it be that the man who possesses
wisdom would die from ignorant's lashes?
I would like to know it afterwards
Why we have abandoned our own large Obis
and live in another man's small mansion
as gardeners; why we've forgotten so soon
our own age and our father's own?
this is it: the hearth of the fallen
Nothing exists to fight or be fought for,
nothing to live and hope for
our last hope - now a dying shadow
is beckoning for help and sympathy. Now
and again our sun loses its glow,
no signs. That was it; our tomorrow,
Our hope! The last piece of firewood
in the hearth. But it's enough firewood!

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