Chinonso Uche

Chinonso Uche
Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria
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Tears For Africa

From my desk I compose
A blueprint of nature
A mysterious gun I suppose
Can you imagine the stature?

I See Things

I look high and above...
Low and behold, I see things.
My hopes were up and my miracle was nigh...
I see things,

A Lover's Tears

Tears from my lover's eyes
In silence like a peaceful sky
Gutters on her cosmetic face
What a sincere cry I face


For you Sir, I write these rhymes,
To your personality's frequent shines.
I thank you with my whole heart,
And believe you'll treasure my art.

More Than Faith

O! Heavens, how did we know we could make it?
It never has to be a question because faith exists
But is it just faith? No it ain’t just faith
I so much believe there is something more than faith

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