Chinyelu Agwu Poems

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For Nigeria: Meditations (Prologue)

Let my pen flow in this lyrical trilogy
Herein I croon at the dazzling skies
That spread like folds of rich purple linen above our feeble roofs
In this moment

I See No Jungles Here

Where lies the jungle, he asks.
I was told to go this way, he says.
You see, I'm on a safari, he says,
To view the wild animals

And The Cock Crows

We woke to the sound of the rapping rooster
Leading an orchestra of violins, flutes,
And talking drums

The Lion Crosses The Fence

The lion that scaled the fence looked back
But its glassy, sparkling eyes
Met darkness
Across the fence.

And The Jungle Stirred

If you depart from the company that rests at the waterhole
You will not only know thirst
You may know death.
Here we run

Call Me Father

If you climb on my shoulder
We can watch the television together
Even though your high chair
Is right beside me.

And She Prunes The Blooms

Because in the garden
We laugh
And we love
When tangled in her loose wrapper

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