chris dawson Poems

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Pink Pink

pink pink
Confirmed that it was armed
pink pink
Was right to be alarmed

A Girl I Once Knew

There's a girl I once knew
That would kiss like the dew
With a smile that could hold time forever

Marquis De Sade

The Marquis de Sade
Isn’t really that hard
To work out and then understand
The opinion he swayed


Those lips
Those lips
That impending kiss
Their certain submission

Cupid And Psyche

The best in me has brought the most happiness
and, in seemingly equal measure, sorrow.
When the lesson is learned at last
how brief the time left lasts;

Things Aren'T Always As They Seem To Be.

Two medic students dwelt one day

observing new admissions

Troubled Child

Do you understand the pain you cause,
do you really care,
can you justify your actions when
you calculate what’s fair.

When The Drugs Work

I lay in my bed day after day,
my life of clouds and warm feelings,
Sometimes I couldn’t even feel my hands,
and yet I was so in touch with myself.

Slightly Educated

So, the World, you’ve made it,
arrived, you’re there at last;
well removed from all before,
oblivious to the past.

A Jerk In The Banking System

I visited the bank today,
a deposit to be made;
an un-nerving experience,
that I fouled up I’m afraid.

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