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Every morning we wake up from our beds,
with new thoughts for the day.Thoughts of the
obstacles ahead of us, even with all these thoughts.
we never stop pushing harder, we never stop fighting


With thousands of feelings
in your heart both negative and positive all swimming through every of your single emotions.You never stop gazing at the cloud, a cloud that bring both mildness and joy to your heart.

The First Letter.

Hello dear, how are you doing
couldn't wait any longer, my heart
has been on fire with thought of you.
Just last night i was dreaming about you


The morning seems darker than it use to be,
the dew are thicker an more heavier, they make their
way to the petals of every flowers on the fields.


My heart is heavy and my mind has wanderlust
into another realm, a realm of amazing sensations.
My memories are now in a journey to a land of
wonders and happiness.

Falling For Love

Oh that feeling, that feeling that give you
a feeling of comfort, tenderness, warmth in your heart.
At that first sight you feel your soul trembleling in a good
way, every single word you know feel captured trying to break


Every step taken with caution. Every decision put into action with a vision. Every mission carried out with great vision. Every importation or exportation of words is done with an application of education.

The Story

Each and every other day passes
with a story to be told.

A story of a legend impacting his

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